Thursday, October 13, 2016

Potsdam rancher to sign copies of his book on spending time with Native American medicine men, spirit guides

In “The Buffalo Spirit” (Lexingford, 2016), North Country author Dale Healey tells the true story of his 17 years in the close company and confidence of Native American medicine men and spiritual guides. Healey, a well-known Potsdam buffalo rancher until his retirement, describes the otherwise hidden world of sweat lodges, peyote and datura sacred ceremonies, and many other aspects of Native American wisdom and cultural practices. Healey’s book, subtitled “A Memoir of the Road Less Traveled By,” traces the author’s wandering path as a young man from Potsdam to the American West, where he was befriended by the Chumash healer and teacher, Grandfather Semu. Much of the book is devoted to what Healey learned from this unforgettable Native American figure...more

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