Sunday, October 09, 2016

Report says Mexico state officials ignored massacre

Mexican drug gang bosses furious at suspected turncoats sent commandos aided by local police to seize dozens — perhaps hundreds — of people, murder them and dispose of their bodies in a town near the Texas border, yet state and federal officials ignored the massacre for years, according to a government-backed report released Sunday. The long delay in the investigation makes it impossible to determine just how many people were killed in the town of Allende in 2011, according to the report sponsored by the federal Executive Commission for Attention to Victims. The Coahuila state file lists 42 missing people related to the case. But a Zeta drug gang member told a U.S. court in 2013 that 300 died, though it was not clear if all the deaths occurred in the same incident. Allende is a town of about 23,000 people on the crossing of two roads leading to the Texas border, one toward Eagle Pass and the other to Del Rio, making it a strategic drug route — one controlled by the brutal Zetas cartel, which reportedly paid members of the local police force roughly $5,000 a month to cooperate. According to the report, Miguel Angel and Omar Trevino, brothers who controlled the Zetas in the region, believed that other gang members had stolen as much as $10 million in drug profits. Over the weekend of March 18 to 20, 2011, they ordered at least 60 gunmen to hunt down everyone who shared the family name of Garza and kill them. The report says police were ordered to help detain some victims, and otherwise to ignore calls for help. The report says police and gang members took the victims, including women and children, to two ranches, where they were killed. One Zeta witness said the bodies were burned for hours, “cooked” until nothing recognizable remained...more

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Dave Pickel said...

I have long advocated we establish a 50 mile buffer zone south of the border to interdict and severely punish Mexican drug gangs. A couple of AC-130 gunships guided by local intel would put them on notice at least.