Tuesday, October 25, 2016

UN Climate Conference Bans Skeptical Journalists

It is one of the stock hypocrisies of United Nations climate careerists, that while deploring carbon-emitting travel by everyone else, they have turned the UN into a prodigious generator of long, lavish and frequent "climate-change" conferences, held in enticing or exotic locales worldwide -- in places such as Bali, Rio, Cancun and Paris. From around the globe, participants board airliners (many of their tickets subsidized by your tax dollars) and carbon-emit their way to the next jamboree. From these grand climate shindigs, UN officials emerge to promise that if we'll just trust them to allocate a couple of things of ever-expanding scope -- for instance, the wealth of the developed world and the energy flows of the planet -- they will aim over the next century or so to fine-tune the temperature of the earth to within a few decimal points of where it was on Al Gore's 60th birthday...or something like that. It's the kind of performance that needs a skeptical eye, and full access by an independent press. It should be cause for great alarm when the conference authorities start walling out any reporters they suspect might dissent from UN climate doctrine. Which is exactly what's going on. Next month, from Nov. 7-18, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is planning a huge conference in Marrakesh, Morocco. The UNFCCC has approved press passes for some 3,000 journalists who wish to cover this event. But it seems that dissenters from UN dogma need not apply. The UNFCCC has refused accreditation to a Canadian media outlet, The Rebel Media, home to The Ezra Levant Show (full disclosure: I have been an occasional guest on this show, discussing topics including the UN). Why did the UNFCCC refuse to accredit Rebel Media? Apparently because Rebel Media just couldn't be relied upon to echo whatever propaganda the UN might put out. In an interview with Canada's CBC Radio, UNFCCC spokesperson Nick Nuttall suggested that The Rebel's cardinal sin was Levant's dissent from UN climate doctrine. Referring to Levant, Nuttall said: "I don't see what he's actually reporting, you know, as being particularly helpful."...more

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