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Cull the Outliers

Aristotelian Logic Rejected
Cull the Outliers
Prior Analytics Farewell
By Stephen L. Wilmeth

            Fall work is in full swing.
            Cattle trucks are loading and transporting calves and cull cattle to growing locations or markets. Last night I saw seven loaded trucks during the drive home. Two of them I could see in at close range had grown cattle. Horns were abundant indicating cull cows and bulls. Those trucks, as opposed to trucks carrying calves, have a more colorful load mix. Those cattle are destined for either somebody else’s worry or to packers. They are made up of old cows that are open, bred but their teeth are gone, or they are problematic and have worn out their welcome. The bulls have become liabilities. They are old and disease prone, have quit working for many reasons, or they are cranky and no longer tolerated.
            In all cases, they are culls. They have growing antagonistic influences that must be recognized. They are removed from the herd in order to make room for younger, more productive, and more honest contributors. The decisions leading up to final cuts are not easy, but they have to be made. The outcome has real world consequences, but, in the end, constant and negative disruptors are no longer welcome.
            Aristotelian Logic
            Aristotle lived in a world no less complicated than ours. Making it in his world of meager food supplies and witchcraft medical services was difficult at best. Losing your teeth prior to the prevailing age of death at 32 was as tedious as the prospects of living without the internet today. The suggestion of internet, though, has implications that make the old logician an interesting case study.
            The place to start is with syllogism.
            Syllogism is a kind of logical argument that applies deductive reasoning to arrive at a conclusion. The steps of the process were to present two or more propositions that were assumed to be true. In Aristotle’s case, a general statement was set forth and then a specific statement followed. The classic example was that all men were mortal and the other philosopher, Socrates, was a man so the valid conclusion was reached by concluding Socrates, too, was mortal.
            The conclusion was restated in a three line form without punctuating the statement:
            All men are mortal
            Socrates is a man
            Therefore Socrates is mortal
            Prior to the mid-twelfth century, other medieval thinkers were only familiar with a few of Aristotle’s works including On Interpretation and Categories. These works contributed heavily to what we can now refer to as Old Logic or “logica vetus”. When a broader scope of logic started to arise, New Logic or “logica nova”, the old school logicians declared it defective and erroneous. The only truth was found in “prior analytics” of Aristotle who single handedly brought the real truth to modern thinking. “A closed and complete body of doctrine” was his contribution to the world of higher intellect. This theory of the syllogism would not be altered until the mid-fourteenth century when men like John Buridan arrived and started kicking holes in conventional wisdom. He deemed Aristotle’s theory vague and in too many cases unclear and contradictory resulting in a wide array of solutions. The “logica vetus” would ultimately be revealed as unfit for practical use and would be replaced by new distinctions and new theories.
            That sounds like the modern Democratic Party philosophy doesn’t it?
            In effect, the party has been using prior analytics for a “closed and complete body of doctrine”. One must only consider the mantra of the prevailing press to grasp the significance:
            All Democrats are correct
            Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are Democrats
            Therefore Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are correct
            We were left with no recourse other than to conclude this was true by listening to the daily assault on President elect Trump. By some accounts, over 92% of the “logica veti” press presented a biased and closed body of doctrine leaving very little for citizens to openly debate or reorganize into 2016 syllogisms.
            They were wrong.
            They were so wrong the matter must be considered criminal. The bias and the adherence to the slanted doctrine of the central party storm troopers must render the greater number of them culls. They have become societal menaces and dangerous to the Constitutional premise of the so called open doctrine they espouse to support. They should be shunned and disregarded.
            Unlike their cloven hoofed cousins, the American beef herd, they can’t be culled and shipped. At least they can’t be on the basis of literal action. They can, however, be culled and shipped figuratively. Collectively, network news has a huge black eye. They have done much to render themselves inert and inconsequential. If they choose to listen, they will hear the hoof beats of the onset of the New Logic the Logica Nova being promulgated by social media.
            The American people prevailed. They prevailed on the basis of the rising crescendo and broader array of logic that flies in the face of the corrupted politics of Washington.
            Prior Analytics Farewell
            The Leftists are irate.
            Their attempt to hold the line is becoming more dangerous. The rioting, the attempts to resuscitate the 92% progressive news howlers, and the brazen coerced actions of the sanctuary city mayors are indicators. This isn’t citizenry dissent. It is organized barbarism. It must be stopped and it must be considered as much a problem as over regulation, over taxation, and Constitutional castration.
            Speaking of castration … I have work to do.

            Stephen L. Wilmeth is a rancher from southern New Mexico. “Before ending this today, a shout out to the energy warrior of our time, Marita Noon, is in order. With the conclusion of the election, Ms. Noon has decided her work in energy advocacy is done. Those of us who have followed her recognize the immense courage and dedication it took to do the things she did over the last decade. Thank you, Marita. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Is Wilmeth gonna castrate livestock or members of the media? Aristotelian logic is not answering this for me.

Leftward media bias is not just a recent issue. When I first went to Washington, D.C. in 1974 I met Bruce Herschensohn who was to write The Gods of the Antenna. The same publishing house had published The Left-Leaning Antenna in 1971. However, in just over thirty days I had my own personal experience with this. Longtime readers will recall I wrote the following upon Daniel Schorr's passing in July of 2010:  

In July of 1974 I went to work as a Legislative Assistant to Senator Pete Domenici.

On August 9, 1974 Richard Nixon resigned his Presidency.

Several of us staffers sat with Domenici in his office and watched Nixon's resignation speech. Just as the speech ended, CBS called Domenici and wanted him to come to their studio for an interview. There were several senior staffers there, but for some reason Domenici asked me to drive him to CBS (I later figured out that since I was the last person to go on his staff from NM, Domenici figured I had been least influenced by the system and most accurately reflected the views of New Mexicans, especially rural New Mexicans, on Nixon).

When we arrived at CBS they put us in a waiting room which was surrounded by tv monitors. After a short period of time a CBS employee came and took Domenici away to get his nose powdered for the tv appearance.

That left me in the room alone. Keep in mind that at this point I had not quite bought into the media bias thing.

I was watching the monitors as they interviewed Ronald Reagan who at that time was the Governor of California. In walked Daniel Schorr, chief White House correspondent for CBS. Schorr looked up at the monitors, saw Reagan being interviewed, and with a hateful scowl on his face said,"Burn, Ronnie baby, Burn."

I remember thinking, "You know, there might be something to this media bias after all."

That thought has been mightily reinforced over the last thirty-six years.

What is also different today is the absolute flagrancy of the bias. So much so there are now websites such as Media Research Center and Accuracy In Media dedicated solely to pointing out the liberal bias of the main stream media. Watch this short video demonstrating all the different types of bias:

What is also new is our ability to respond via social media. And to that end I join with Wilmeth in thanking Marita Noon for all her wonderful work and wish her success in her new endeavors. 


From Jim Spence at News New Mexico

 Believing Your Own Lies

© 2016 Jim Spence

Things are a changing in America. The American voters seem to have realized there are so many problems to solve in America you can’t count them all. And solving problems is going to require CHANGE.

The vast majority of people say they do not trust the media. Should we believe the media now that the election is over? Just a day or so before the election, the internet news site Huffington Post told its readers that after conducting extensive analysis, it had concluded that Hillary Clinton had a 98% chance of winning. This astoundingly bad prediction by Huffpo made the New York Times election analysis, which set the odds at 85% for a Clinton victory, seem almost forgivable. Other news outlets were similarly way off the mark, with bogus exit polls distorting reality even after polls had closed. Perhaps it might be a good idea to go elsewhere for astute analysis from now on?

You can't give the media another chance based on what it is cooking up now that the Trump appointments are starting to roll in. Let’s start with Senator Jeff Sessions, the Trump nominee for Attorney General. Sessions is famous in Alabama for prosecuting the head of the KKK there. Sessions actually sought and secured the death penalty for the Klan chief after convicting him. It seems that Sessions also fought to desegregate Alabama schools. However, since Session is a white Republican one of his colleagues, a black Democrat told fellow Democrats in the Senate thirty years ago that Sessions made a joke about the KKK being "ok" until he discovered they smoked pot. Of course Sessions made this quip while he was prosecuting the Klan. It seems that if you could just allow your self the "flexibility" to take the Sessions joke out of the context of him prosecuting the Klan, you could then interpret what he said as being racist. So…….there you go. This is going to be all that the mainstream media needs to smear Sessions.

Let’s see, what else can we “learn” about Trump’s bigotry from the astute analysis of the Democrats in the mainstream media as the post election era begins. Apparently, Donald Trump is a raging anti-Semite. Democratic Party fanatic and Hollywood icon Rob Reiner said so on national TV earlier this week. Of course this charge comes as news to Trump’s son-in-law and confidant Jared Kushner, as well as to Trump’s daughter Ivanka. Not only did Trump give Ivanka away when she married Kushner, who is Jewish, Ivanka converted to Judaism prior to the vows. The couple was married in an Orthodox Jewish ceremony in 2009. These days Trump’s three grandchildren from the Kushner branch of the family are being raised in the Jewish faith. It is widely know that Donald Trump supported his daughter’s conversion to Judaism and supports his grandchildren being raised as Jews. Still, you have to respect the mainstream media because Meat Head Rob Reiner charged Trump with being an anti-Semite. So there you go. What else do you need to have to run with this story of anti-Semitic bigotry by Trump?

Clearly one thing that is NOT changing is how our mainstream media covers what is going on now that Team Trump is gearing up to govern in the wake of the election results. It would seem, according to NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, CNN, the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, and the New York Times, that the same pack of racist, homophobic, women-haters, that were elected by deplorable people (American voters), are starting to appoint horrible human beings to key positions.

Does it really come as a big surprise that Democrats have not learned a thing about their terrible blinders in the wake of their stunning defeat?

It is very hard to learn lessons when you are inclined to believe your own lies.

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