Monday, November 28, 2016

Environmentalists Fear Trump Could Reverse Decades of Progress

Some Texas conservation groups fear that gains made in recent years for cleaner air and water could be rolled back by Donald Trump and a Republican-controlled Congress. They are concerned that President-elect Trump has called climate change "a hoax," opposes many EPA regulations, and has several advisers known to be "climate-change deniers." Jim Marston, regional director of the Texas office of the Environmental Defense Fund, said the new powers-to-be appear to be taking aim at some of the Obama Administration's signature accomplishments, including the Paris Climate Accords and the Clean Power Plan - which might be more challenging than Trump assumes. "He can't immediately undo the Clean Power Plan, because it's a final rule," he said. "It takes a while to do a new notice and comment period, many months." Marston said Trump's campaign promises are also putting progress on other issues, from renewable energy and methane reduction, to endangered species and public land use, at risk. But that won't stop environmental advocates in those areas from trying to convince him of their importance. Marston warns the harm could be irreparable if the U.S. withdraws its support for the 190-nation Paris Climate Accords treaty...more

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Anonymous said...

President elect Trump needs to reverse decades of environmental baloney brought on by the EPA. Very few self-proclaimed environmentalists own any property or have anything to show the public on how well they can manage their environment. Yes, some ranchers are environmentalists but they are far outnumbered by the thousands who don't even own an acre of land. There are some examples of environmentalists stepping outside of their comfort zone and attempting to operate parcels of federal land. They were dismal failures.
The next time some environmentalist sounds off ask to see what he/she has to show for their talk.