Friday, November 25, 2016

Greens gear up for long court fight against Trump

Environmentalists are planning a vigorous strategy in the federal courts to fight President-elect Donald Trump’s aggressive deregulatory proposals. With the executive and legislative branches of the government controlled by Republicans and unlikely to adopt their priorities, green group leaders said they will increasingly lean on the judiciary to push their agenda, along with public campaigns and traditional lobbying. Groups are largely dusting off their playbooks from the administrations of Republican Presidents George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, whose efforts to scrap environmental rules were met at every turn by litigation. But green groups face a tougher task this time as they try and protect President Obama's environmental legacy. Obama's efforts were built almost entire on executive actions and regulations, making them particularly vulnerable to dismantling by Trump. And courts traditionally give federal agencies great leeway in how they regulate and interpret laws from Congress, so green lawsuits are likely to face uphill battles...more

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