Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hunter harvests an 8-point...doe?

It is about halfway through Deer Hunt 2016 in Wisconsin, and one buck tale may just be the story of a lifetime. Wayne Douville was hunting near Abrams when he got this eight-point buck - or so he thought. "The deer came up out of a swampy area," said Douville. The Green Bay man says he first saw the deer two years ago. He believes it returned Monday afternoon. "At 4:40, this buck stepped out, and I could see his antlers right away, and the body size, I knew who he was," he said. Two shots later, Douville had his deer.  "When we hung him up to dress him out, we found out that he wasn't a buck," said Douville. The eight-point doe weighed 222 pounds. "This is the trophy of a lifetime. I said to my wife last night, you could live 10 lifetimes and not have this happen to you," said Douville. So how common is this phenomenon? "I would say probably a one in 100,000 chance," said Jeff Pritzl, district wildlife supervisor for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. "It's just a matter of a higher level of testosterone hormone than a normal female would have, and it expresses itself in a masculine way," he said. So how do you register it? "A deer with antlers three inches or longer is considered an adult buck from a carcass standpoint," said Pritzl. "There was no way to analyze this thing, obviously. It was just I saw the deer, the horns, I knew it was the deer I was after, and I took the shot," said Douville. "I'm going to have a full-body mount done on it, and I hope my wife will let me put it in the living room, although that's a long shot," he said...more

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