Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Oklahomans vote against 'Right to Farm' state question

Oklahomans voted against State Question 777, dubbed “Right to Farm," in the general election Nov. 8. Created by the legislature, the constitutional amendment would have prevented the legislature from passing laws or regulations that would impede farmers’ ability to employ farming and ranching practices without a “compelling state interest.” The amendment cites the importance of agriculture as the “foundation and stabilizing force of Oklahoma’s economy” as its reasoning. Major proponents of the amendment included the Oklahoma Farm Bureau, the Oklahoma Agricultural Cooperative Council and American Farmers and Ranchers, among others. Supporters argued the question would have allowed farmers to defend themselves against unjust laws, while opponents argued it would prevent reasonable laws from regulating farming. Several environmentalist groups are against SQ 777, including the Sierra Club Oklahoma Chapter, the Humane Society and OU student group OUr Earth...more

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