Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sister of 23-year-old who dissolved in scalding Yellowstone spring reveals she filmed him falling into the pool as they searched for a place to 'hot pot'

The sister of a 23-year-old man who dissolved in a scalding pool in Yellowstone National Park has revealed she filmed the horrific accident with her cell phone as the pair searched for a place to soak. Colin Scott, of Portand, Oregon, had been looking for a place to ‘hot pot’ – a term for soaking in the park’s natural thermal features – this summer. His sister Sable Scott told investigators that she and her brother left the boardwalk near Pork Chop Geyser on June 7, a report on the incident says. While she filmed video with her phone, her brother reached down to check the water temperature but accidentally ‘slipped and fell’ into the scalding pool, she said. Search and rescue rangers spotted his body in the pool on the day of the accident, but a lightning storm prevented their rescue efforts. By the following day, workers were unable to find any remains...more

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