Thursday, November 03, 2016

Teens hunt coyotes

Fictional coyotes may chase cartoon road runners, but who chases real coyotes? Hillsboro High School graduates Aaron Bina and Dylan Delk do. They work together to hunt coyotes for ranchers and farmers. The idea came to Bina after he did some hunting of his own. “(Coyotes) would run through the wheat and corn, so I started calling coyotes,” Bina said. “People started hearing about it and asking for our help.” Bina said working with Delk just “kind of happened.” “We’ve been hanging together since fifth grade,” Bina said. Bina does the calling of the coyotes, and when they come running, Delk shoots them. The duo, who also hunt raccoons and trap, stay within the property owned by the farmers who hired them...more

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