Tuesday, December 06, 2016

New FDA regulations could cost farmers more time and money

Some changes from the Food and Drug Administration could it mean higher bills for livestock owners and more steps when it comes to buying medicine for their animals. The new rules mainly impact medicated feed. Currently, you can buy it over-the-counter, but after the first of the year you'll need a veterinarian's permission, costing farmers more time and more money. "It's going to be an awful burden on the farmers and ranchers," Farmer Dick Essick said. When it comes to caring for livestock, farmers like Essick say when you need medicine, you often need it quickly. "You could lose animals like that if you're running around trying to get a permit or something to buy some medicine or feed for them, you know," Essick said. However, new rules set by the FDA will require livestock owners to get either a veterinary feed directive or, in some cases, a prescription before buying products like medicated feed, medicated feed additives, and water soluble antibiotics. "Here's an example of a medicated feed that's going to be restricted after January 1st because it contains the product of chlortetracycline," Customer Service Specialist in the Agricultural Division at Nixa Hardware Joe Tummons said. It's something that will not only cost farmers more time but also more money. "You're going to have to have a vet call. We keep track of things here, so there's more time added so product pricing could go up," Tummons said. Tummons says starting January 1, the store will be ready for the changes...more

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