Thursday, December 29, 2016

US threatens tariffs on EU products unless ban on beef imports is lifted

The Obama Administration has announced it is taking action against what it calls the European Union’s (EU) unfair trade practices that it says discriminate against US beef imports. Acting on the request of the U.S. beef industry, the US has scheduled a public hearing and is seeking public comments in connection with the EU’s ban on most U.S. beef products. It says the EU’s ban on U.S. beef is not based on sound science and discriminates against American beef farmers, ranchers, and producers. If the trade action resumes, the United States would reinstate industry-supported tariffs on a list of EU products imported into the United States. "The WTO determined that the European Union's ban on US beef imports violates its international trade obligations," said Ambassador Froman. "The EU has failed to live up to assurances to address this issue, and it's now time to take action...more

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