Monday, January 09, 2017

A cartel connection to high-end bicycle thefts in Santa Fe and ABQ?

Three Albuquerque men who were charged with stealing high-end bicycles from a downtown Santa Fe bike shop last week have admitted to stealing bikes from elsewhere in Santa Fe and from an Albuquerque shop, according to a police statement made public in District Court Thursday. One of the alleged thieves said stolen bikes were taken apart and sold to a man nicknamed Stone Face affiliated with a Mexican drug cartel. Carlos Trejo-Villalobos, 44, Carlos Navarrete-May, 31 and David Perez, 30, were arrested by Santa Fe police Dec. 27 after bikes and tires worth $32,000 stolen from Mellow Velo East Marcy Street were found in the back of a van driven by Navarrete-May. The affidavit says Navarrete-May admitted they cut the hinges on the front door of the store and completely removed it before stealing the merchandise and said he was paid by Trejo-Villalobos to drive his van in the heist...more

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