Friday, January 13, 2017

An Excellent Way to Cut Unnecessary Federal Spending - A Texan Speaks

An Excellent Way to Cut Unnecessary Federal Spending

Dear Senator Cruz,

President elect Donald Trump has stated the he wants to cut unnecessary spending and make America Great Again.

The Counties in the Western States have vast amounts of BLM land over which they cannot collect property taxes. The U.S. taxpayers make up for the various Counties lack of tax revenue by sending them funds from the U.S. Treasury known as "Payment in Lieu of Taxes".  As a resident of Texas I do not see why I should be helping out with the property taxes in the Western States. I feel burdened enough with my own property taxes.

I have an excellent two fold money saving solution. President Trump and the Congress should transfer the BLM land to the respective States. That way we could get rid of the unnecessary expenditure of "Payment in Lieu of Taxes" and we could rid ourselves of all the thousands of non productive BLM employees, offices and equipment that are associated with the ownership of the land. The BLM employees could then obtain real productive jobs in the private sector that soon to be President Trump is already creating. By having private sector jobs that create real products with demand and needed services, then the ex-BLM employees would be doing their part to help make America Great Again.

To use some buzz words. This would truly be a Win Win.


Luke Shipp

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