Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Drones Flying into Agriculture Industry - video

The drones at Grogan's range in size, but there are larger drones not in stock yet that have eight blades and eight motors and can hold up to two and a half gallons of chemicals used for things like crop dusting. "So, it's not gonna replace crop dusting, but it would definitely be a good tool in their belt, something to add to their arsenal," Grogan said. Especially for those who have about 10 acres or less. "They can fly the edges a lot easier, with less worry about drift because it's got downward facing radar, so it's gonna stay about a foot to two foot above the crops versus a crop duster that's 10 to 15 catching a lot more wind drift," Grogan said. Attach a thermal camera to one of these babies and the list of uses keeps on going... "Fighting fires, or looking for animals, or looking for a fleeing suspect, or checking wind turbines, or cell towers," Grogan said. They even have "brains," if you will, to match the brawn. "Where the nitrogen levels are doing, crop damage, you can do average crop count, you can do canopy cover. Volumetrics. Like if you had a pile of grain sitting there, you can fly around and it'd tell you how many tons are there," Grogan said...more

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