Thursday, January 12, 2017

“FitBit” for cows to debut at National Western Stock Show

Shoot Em Up, a well-known Texas longhorn from Ellicott, will show off HerdDogg’s small, rugged Bluetooth-enabled device designed to give ranchers an easy-to-use, affordable tracking and data gathering systems for their herds, during National Western Stock Show. At the same time, Melissa Brandao and her small team of tech gurus at HerdDogg are pushing hard to send out the first batch of commercially available smart tags this spring. She describes them as the equivalent of a Fitbit, except for very large, non-verbal mammals. When Shoot Em Up, who weighs nearly 1 ton, shows off the new technology during the Wild West Show Jan. 14-15, he’ll be sending out tweets letting the audience know, for instance, how fast he’s walking, how many steps he’s taking and his internal temperature, among other things...more

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