Friday, January 27, 2017

Over The River's temporary use permit relinquished after Christo announcement

After Christo's announcement that he was canceling his Over The River temporary work of art project Wednesday, Fremont County received email notification from the Over The River Corp. relinquishing a Temporary Use Permit issued in 2011. Christo said in a statement that after 20 years and going through five years of legal arguments, he no longer wished to "wait on the outcome" and would rather devote his energy, time and resources into the realization of The Mastaba, Project for Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, which he and his late wife Jeanne-Claude conceived 40 years ago. The only remaining case pending for Over The River is one that was issued in 2015 by Rags Over the Arkansas River against the Bureau of Land Management's 2011 approval of the project. Christo was quoted in a New York Times article, also released Wednesday, as saying the pleasure is gone from OTR "because of the nature of the new administration," referring to the recent inauguration of President Donald Trump. "I am not excited about the project anymore," Christo said. "Why should I spend more money on something I don't want to do?"...more

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