Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ranch Radio's Chris Allison Special

Chis Allison posted on facebook he needed some advice answering a question on his hunting license application, and Ranch Radio goes all out finding the answer. The tune, by the way, is Gold In Your Pocket, performed by Tommy Morrell and Don Edwards



Unknown said...

Truly an outstanding production. I have decided to go with checking the "gray" box on hair color. First of all, I will be wearing a hat as my friend Larry Dale Butler observed. Secondly, my long time friend, Ray Hinnant, correctly states that the application asks for "hair color" (as in singular strand of hair). Since I still have a singular strand of hair..... I'm going Gray!!!
Pappy Allison

Tom Sidwell said...

Go with the hair color of your grandbaby; he's got more hair than you do!!

Wilmeth said...

You do know that Allison has become a valued member of the Medicare Club ... yessiree, Bub, he's a golden member if not a charter! Pappy, eh?