Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump Reveals His Game Plan To Overhaul Obama's EPA - And Oh Man, It's A Doozy

By Andrew Clark

As President Trump begins his first full week in office, he's already prepared with a game plan to reverse it all.
A “sneak peek” report from Axios on an “Agency Action” plan written by Myron Ebell, Trump's appointee to lead the EPA transition, is making the rounds. According to Axios, the document runs through the administration's agenda for the EPA - and the left won't like hearing it (bolded emphasis added):
It's a tightly-held document that fleshes out Trump's campaign promises to gut the agency. It's the handiwork of Myron Ebell, director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute's Center for Energy and Environment. Trump appointed Ebell, a prominent opponent of climate change activists, to lead the EPA transition.
Assuming President Trump gets his way (some of these changes will likely require congressional approval), not only will the most controversial regulations from Obama's EPA be rolled back, but the entire agency will be restructured to prevent the EPA from once again becoming an out-of-control regulatory machine.
So, what exactly is President Trump hoping to do? Here are four major takeaways...more

They are budget cuts, repeal 'war on coal' regs, repeal 'waters of the us' rule, and restructure how EPA uses science. Nothing 'doozy' about it.

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Floyd said...

That is encouraging news.
When he is done at the EPA, can we ask Mr. Ebell to take a look at the US Fish and Wildlife Service regulations under the Endangered Species Act? We need someone like him to do that.
Congressman Pombo was well on his way to meeting that need several years ago. He is no longer in Congress but probably has the ESA changes he proposed available for President Trump to use.