Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Alamogordo ghost hunters investigate haunting in historic downtown

On Sunday, Feb. 19, Hidden Haunts Paran Before ormal investigated their first haunt in Historic Downtown Alamogordo. The group investigated vintage store Everything Outwest, 819 N. New York Ave., which was rumored to be haunted. the building on New York Avenue became Everything Outwest it was several other stores including the old JCPenney store. According to Brandt’s personal research, a hotel which was named the New Hotel Weigele was right across the street which was 822 N. New York Ave. The hotel was owned by Alamogordo pioneers George and Alma Weigele who settled in the community in 1903. The New Hotel Weigele was later sold to J.C. Wilborn and his sister M.M. Ward, the hotel was renamed the Wilward Hotel in 1945. The hotel mysteriously burned down in 1969 killing three people and injuring two others. Everything Outwest store owner Courtney Hewes said when she first opened business at the location she was told it was haunted right away by the previous store owners. “When we bought it they told us it was haunted and they later asked us if we’ve seen any ghosts yet. A plumber came in one time and said he experienced activity on the third floor, he was on a ladder and fell and felt somebody catch him,” Hewes said. “We hear huge, loud noises all the time and we run next door to see if our neighbors heard anything and they said they don’t hear anything. We’re nervous to be alone at night sometimes. If they weren’t friendly they would’ve scared us by now I think so we started saying hello to them.” Hewes said when she discovered there was a hotel in the area that burned down in a blaze she wondered if the spirits of the people who died were still around...more

There is a video at the link provided.

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