Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bundy Lawyer Mumford Seeks Charge Dismissal, Jury Trial

Ammon Bundy’s former lawyer Marcus Mumford was in court in Portland Wednesday, where he faces misdemeanor charges for failing to comply with and impeding federal police last fall. U.S. marshals tackled and used a stun gun on Mumford at the conclusion of the first Malheur occupation trial. Mumford’s lawyer, Michael Levine, argues Mumford was “merely engaging in zealous advocacy,” before he was tackled, “which is what he’s supposed to do.” Mumford was arguing that Bundy should be set free after his acquittal, despite federal orders to detain him. “I hope to convince the court to dismiss the charges outright,” said Levine, “or if that’s not going to happen then to acquit my client after a trial.” U.S. Attorney Timothy J. Ohms responded to the defense’s claims by saying, “There are disputed facts,” and that the charges should not be dismissed. They argue Mumford was physically trying to block marshals from taking his client back into custody...more

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