Thursday, February 23, 2017

Giffords promotes gun bills in NM Legislature

Former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords – who barely survived an assassination attempt six years ago – joined the debate Wednesday over gun proposals moving through the New Mexico Legislature. Giffords, a Democrat who once represented a chunk of southern Arizona, visited the Roundhouse to lobby in favor of bills that aim to keep guns away from domestic abusers and require background checks on the sale of firearms at gun shows and in private transactions. She also announced the formation of a new coalition in New Mexico, including prosecutors, gun owners and others. The New Mexico Coalition for Common Sense, which Giffords announced Wednesday, includes Bernalillo County Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III, 2nd Judicial District Attorney Raúl Torrez, at least two ranchers, a representative of the NAACP and others. Their goal is to advance policies that “help keep guns out of the wrong hands,” according to a news release. New Mexico is at the center of a national debate over gun control. Democrats reclaimed a majority in the state House and expanded their majority in the Senate ahead of this year’s session. Everytown for Gun Safety, a New York-based group, says it spent more than $250,000 on New Mexico campaigns last year...more

"New York-based group" means former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his rabid gun control agenda. Worth $33.7 billion, he's turned away from the Republican-controlled Congress and focused his efforts on various states. Lucky New Mexico. So far, it appears his $250,000 is paying off.

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Anonymous said...

It should be illegal for one state to interfere with the politics of any other state.