Thursday, February 02, 2017

NM Senate panel OKs wider gun background checks

One woman shared the story of her 75-year-old mother, gunned down during her vacation while she sipped her coffee. A state lawmaker talked about teaching his sister to use a gun to help protect her from domestic abuse. These stories – and other emotional testimony – emerged in a Senate committee hearing Tuesday over whether New Mexico should require background checks when people sell, lend or give firearms to one another in private transactions. The bill won a recommendation of approval on a 5-3 party-line vote of the state Senate Public Affairs Committee, with Democrats in favor. It now heads to the Senate Judiciary Committee, potentially its last stop before the Senate floor. Under the proposal, people who want to sell, lend or give a firearm to someone else would have to go to a licensed dealer to have the background check done. The dealer could charge a “reasonable fee” for the work. The bill applies to the “transfer” of firearms between people who aren’t licensed dealers. There are some exceptions, such as transfers between close family members, transfers involving law enforcement or transfers at shooting ranges or during hunting trips...more

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Tom Sidwell said...

Unenforceable!! If two people participate in a free market willing buyer/willing seller transaction, how will the tyrannical state know about it. They won't, so this means the transferor and transferee need to know each other and beware of craiglist, ebay, and print advertisement because undercover operatives will also be monitoring. The hearing room was packed, I couldn't get in, so I worked the hall talking to proponents of the bill. Interesting!!
The only thing this legislation will succeed in doing is driving people into silence instead of forcing them into submission.