Tuesday, February 28, 2017

North Dakota Pipeline Protesters Not Only Left Mountains of Garbage, They Also Abandoned Their Pets

The environmentalists came to North Dakota to protest the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and lost. Now, as the cleanup of their protest camp begins, authorities have found it to be a disaster zone. There’s enough garbage and human waste to fill 2,500 pickup trucks. With the ending of the winter months approaching, they fear the spring flooding could wash this waste into the Missouri River, polluting it and other waterways. Yet, efforts to prevent an environmental disaster before the spring have hit another obstacle. Besides leaving heaps of garbage, protesters have left their pets. Now, volunteers at a local animal rescue group—Furry Friends—are conducting searches to make sure there are no more missing animals (via West Dakota Fox):

A hectic week as law enforcement worked to clear the Oceti Sakowin protest camp. As officers moved in, and protesters moved out, garbage wasn't the only thing abandoned. Two dogs and six puppies were found and rescued at the main Dakota Access Pipeline Camp by Furry Friends Rockin Rescue. The rescue has been working hard to catch ALL the animals that were left behind at the camp, but Furry Friends Rockin Rescue isn't giving up on these abandoned pets.


Anonymous said...

I have no sympathy whatsoever for the protesters. I think they are a bunch of whiny communist children in adult bodies, with nothing better to do. But this story is over the top even for me. Unwanted dogs are abandoned on our local Indian Reservation all the time. But this story implies the Dakota pipeline protesters hate puppies. What a crock.

Frank DuBois said...

I don't think it implies 'hatred' of any kind. To me it demonstrated the irony of those who are supposedly so concerned about the natural environment they traveled for miles to attend this protest, yer left behind tons of trash and failed to take care of the animals found in their camp.