Monday, February 13, 2017

One Lawmaker’s Plan to Reform the EPA

by Katie Tubb

Americans, or at least those on the left, have become so accustomed to a heavy-handed Environmental Protection Agency that any adjustment not in the direction of even greater expansion seems to them “revolutionary.”

It should come as no surprise, then, that Texas Rep. Sam Johnson’s efforts to bring sanity back to an expansive EPA are being drubbed as a hateful attempt to wipe out the entire agency.
Johnson recently reintroduced the Wasteful EPA Programs Elimination Act to the new Congress. The bill would end a number of EPA programs, including:
  • Greenhouse gas regulations, and a bevy of greenhouse gas reporting programs, funds, and initiatives.
  • A premature and excessively conservative ground-level ozone standard.
  • Programs that are priorities for only certain localities like the National Clean Diesel Campaign and environmental justice programs.
  • Regional EPA offices.
  • Grant programs that are mainly used to compensate for the excessive regulatory burden the EPA puts on states and localities.
This bill would save Americans billions of dollars. More importantly, it would restore freedom and responsibility to steward the environment back to states and individuals.

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