Tuesday, February 21, 2017

'Power's War,' about Arizona's deadliest gunfight, available to stream

The gunfight at the OK Corral was not Arizona's deadliest gunfight. That happened decades later, in a remote canyon in southern Arizona, when four lawmen tried to arrest a couple of alleged draft dodgers. The story is not as well-known as the shootout in Tombstone, but it has been the subject of several books, and, more recently, a documentary by filmmaker Cameron Trejo. That film, "Power's War," is now available to stream on Amazon, or to purchase on iTunes or the filmmaker's website. Historians debate exactly when the frontier closed, but in 1918, the charac ter of rural Arizona was changing. The country was involved in a world war and called on young men to sign up for the draft. People like Jeff Power, a rancher and prospector who wanted to work his mining claim and be left alone, drew more attention than they may have before Arizona achieved statehood. When Power's sons, John and Tom, failed to sign up for the draft, four lawmen rode in to arrest them. The shooting began almost immediately and ended quickly. Three lawmen and Jeff Power wound up dead. A month-long manhunt for the Power boys and a ranch hand made headlines but answered few questions about what really happened, and why...more

Here is the official trailer for the documentary 


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