Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rancher claims cartel activity captured on camera

A southern Arizona rancher is sharing video, he says, that shows cartel activity happening on his property. Jim Chilton has a 50,000-acre ranch in Arivaca. He claims game cameras mounted throughout the property captured various groups of drug smugglers in 2016. "Hundreds and hundreds," says Chilton. "The most obvious is the big 70 lb packs of marijuana." Chilton says border-crossers have cut through his ranch for years, but times have changed. "The number of people coming across who are just good people coming across as immigrants has decreased dramatically," says Chilton. "I think that it's mainly drug-packers now." Chilton says he communicates with the border patrol and fellow ranchers. He says the answer is a border wall with agents right behind it. "I would like to see Trump build a wall and put forward operation bases at the wall, not 80 miles in Tucson," says Chilton. "Get the border patrol off their wazoos in Tucson and out to the international boundary." Chilton provided video of the international boundary bordering his property. The video shows where the wall ends with parts of the border protected only with a barbed wire fence. Chilton is part of a coalition of ranchers urging Arizona congress members to get behind Trump’s immigration proposals, no matter the cost. "What's the social cost?” asks Chilton. “I mean hundreds of billions of dollars of social costs, people being on heroin, cocaine, we've got to eliminate as much as possible.”...more

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Anonymous said...

build the wall now

Anonymous said...

Just how the Coyotes are dress and armed; it should be open season, shot first then ask questions. They are packing heavy arms for a bunch of trespassers.