Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trump’s Interior Pick Is One Step Closer To Confirmation

Ryan Zinke is one step closer to becoming President Donald Trump’s secretary of the interior after the Senate moved Monday to end debate on the former Republican congressman to head the department. The Senate’s 67-31 vote to end questioning sets up 30 hours of debate on Zinke’s nomination followed by a mid-week confirmation vote. Many Democrats believe they can work with Zinke, even though his views on climate change are not entirely in line with theirs; the former congressman believes climate change is an issue but is uncertain about what is causing the change. He will oversee energy development on federal lands, the protection of endangered species and the operation of the country’s national parks. The Montana Republican’s opposition to divesting large swathes of federal land runs contrary to many in his own party who want to shift ownership of federal land back to the states...more

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