Saturday, February 04, 2017

Utah Legislature votes to shed Bears Ears monument designation

An indignant Utah Senate voted 22-6 Friday to urge the unraveling of the Bears Ears National Monument designation in San Juan County, bristling at the process used under the Antiquities Act and what they say was indifference to a majority of statewide sentiment. Sen. Wayne Niederhauser, R-Sandy, the Senate sponsor of HCR11, said if a monument designation had been made for the Bears Ears region via congressional legislation subsequently signed by the U.S. president, he wouldn't be arguing against the new monument. "It's absolutely wrong," the Senate president said, asserting the legislative process was circumvented with one person's pen via presidential proclamation. The 1.35 million-acre monument was created in late December by former President Barack Obama in the waning days of his administration and was largely seen as a poke in Utah's eye...more

Remember, Obama said "Hi from Hawaii" on this one:

Obama was vacationing in Hawaii with his family over the holidays when the White House made the announcement on Dec. 28. "I find it insulting that President Obama couldn't even interrupt his golfing in Hawaii" for the monument designation, said Sen. Todd Weiler, R-Woods Cross.

Did Obama score a hole-in-one with this designation, or was it a triple bogey? Triplicates - The Republican-controlled House, Senate and Presidency - hold the score card in their hands.


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