Monday, February 13, 2017

With Bundy trials opening, tension high at Gold Butte forum

If Thursday night’s Gold Butte National Monument forum is any indication, the Bureau of Land Management has a difficult task ahead in devising a management plan in Gold Butte that satisfies all interested parties. In the same week trials for the 2014 Bunkerville standoff began in Las Vegas, the glaring trust issues stemming from that incident were on full display Thursday night in Mesquite as the BLM’s Southern Nevada office held a public forum at the city hall chambers in Mesquite. The tone of the evening was set from the moment the floor was opened to questions. “These guys are going to go back and tell everybody that the community is for this,” said one woman in opposition to the designation. “Well, I’m here right now to say that our community is greatly in opposition to this. This is our community, it does not belong to the federal government of the United States.” Some in attendance attempted to shout her down. Others said to stay on the topic or sit down, as she referenced the 2014 Bunkerville standoff. The next woman to take the microphone retorted: “We have been sitting across the table from people like that young lady for decades. Gold Butte is here. It’s a national monument. We won; you lost. Let’s get rid of the cows. When is that going to happen? That is my question.” “You haven’t seen anything yet, lady,” one man shouted from the other side of the room...more

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It's getting pretty nasty out there isn't it?