Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bundy supporter says he wanted to kill federal agents in fake documentary

Three men known as Cliven Bundy supporters thought they were being interviewed by a film crew. It turns out it was the FBI. It's the new development in the federal trial against the supporters of the Bunkerville rancher. On Thursday, interviews were played of three defendants recorded for what they thought was a documentary called "America Reloaded." The interviews turned out to be a part of the federal case against them because the film crew was made up of undercover FBI agents. During the interview with defendant Gregory Burleson, he said he was ready to kill federal agents, that he helped organize the standoff against them and showed up with guns and ammunition, and was disappointed things ended without blood. Burleson was also recorded saying he wanted to put federal agents six feet under because he believed they were breaking the law and abusing their authority. Burleson and two other defendants described their version of events surrounding the armed standoff in Bunkerville nearly three years ago. The government has faced criticism in the past for going undercover as the media. Some say it puts journalists in danger. Cliven Bundy and his sons are also facing charges. The trial against them is expected to start after the current one...more

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