Thursday, March 23, 2017

Gardner to BLM: Go west

If U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner has his way, top-level decisions by a major federal public lands agency would no longer be made in Washington, D.C. Rather, they’d emanate from right here in Grand Junction, which also could see hundreds of new jobs should the Colorado Republican manage to persuade Congress to move the Bureau of Land Management’s national headquarters to town. “I think it makes perfect sense to have the BLM headquartered in Grand Junction, Colorado, which is nearby other BLM-centric states, whether that’s Utah, Wyoming, states to the south and farther west,” Gardner said in an interview with The Daily Sentinel, expanding on an idea he has brought up publicly several times in recent weeks. The thrust of Gardner’s pitch is that the more than 99 percent of the nearly 250 million acres of land the BLM manages is west of the Mississippi River. “That is a heck of a long ways away from Washington, D.C., a heck of a long ways away from the policymakers who are impacting the lives of Westerners daily. And that’s why I think we should move the headquarters of BLM to the West, where BLM land isn’t a thousand miles away but it’s in the backyard.”...more

 More empty rhetoric about moving headquarters so "major" decisions are made in the West. Senator, transfer those lands and all decisions will be made in the West and by Westerners. And surely you understand that major decisions are made the Secretary, not BLM.


Anonymous said...

Our moron, ill-informed and great shallow thinker, lil' Cory also cannot fathom the results of what will happen to the voting tendencies of our former great state when MORE socialists are imported here from the privy pit District of Criminals. Next we'll have Lenin at the governorship..... Soapweed

Anonymous said...

When you shovel manure from one side of a paddock to the other side of the paddock -- you still have manure in the paddock.