Thursday, March 02, 2017

Ohio carjacking duo stymied by stick shift

Cleveland police say an 18-year-old serial carjacker was arrested after his accomplice couldn't drive a stick shift – even with some coaching from the victim. reports ( ) Damari Wayne was charged with robbery. Police say he committed three armed carjackings between Feb. 11 and Feb. 21. Police say Wayne and a 17-year-old boy attempted to steal a 23-year-old man's car on Feb. 21. The younger teen got in the driver's seat but was unable to operate the vehicle. That's when police say the duo turned the gun on their victim while he tried to explain how to use the gears. The duo eventually got frustrated and ran off with the man's cellphone, which police used to pinpoint their location...more

I think this is hilarious. Just imagine you are that 17-year-old.  The adrenaline is flowing. Your heart is pumping. After forcing your entry you hurriedly reach to put the vehicle in drive and...oh shit...the shift won't move...and everytime you try to move it it makes a terrible, loud grinding noise...which is causing attention you don't want...hee, screamingly demand instructions from the victim...clutch, what the hell is a clutch?...ha,ha...I can just imagine the lurching that went on before they freaked out and ran away!

You urban-dwellers don't need a fancy anti-theft device, or one of those gps trackers. No sir, all you need is a stick shift!


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imagine if they tried to steal old roany