Thursday, March 09, 2017

Ryan Zinke Is Having a Blast as Interior Secretary

Following the news of President Trump’s unpredictable first weeks in office is draining enough, imagine being part and parcel to the action? While some of Trump’s inner circle seems to derive energy from all the chaos and turmoil, it’s safe to say that most federal employees are sitting tight and probably losing sleep. Trump has proposed major cuts to a number of important domestic programs, and Congress isn’t providing much reassurance in the way of stability. It’s as if every day’s agenda is driven by Trump’s tweets, which are in turn driven by what’s on morning television. No wonder some of us would rather stay in bed. Newly confirmed Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke would rather hop out of bed and ride a horse to work—which is what he did on his first full day in office on March 2. Zinke, who was confirmed by one of the most generous margins of the Trump administration, 68 to 31, was a U.S. representative from Montana before being nominated to his new post. He now leads a department that manages a fifth of the land in the United States, about 500 million surface acres, plus a lot more underground in the form of natural resources. Seemingly satisfied with these directives for the time being, on Tuesday, Zinke tweeted out a stream of photos of him settling into his new office. While everyone else was pulling their hair out over Trumpcare and Obama wiretapping accusations, Zinke was setting out his knife collection. Who’s jealous?...more

 Secretary Ryan Zinke @SecretaryZinke
And the knives I was issued as a SEAL and a couple historic ones picked up along the way.

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