Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Wildfires take a toll in Colo., Kan., Okla., and Texas

With approximately 30,000 acres burned in Logan and Phillips counties in the northeast corner of Colorado, the impact on agricultural producers is devastating as it is slowly calculated through the blowing dirt and ash. The fire is now contained, with the exception of hay stacks that ranchers are now using loaders to spread and extinguish. The majority of fences have been burned and many wires cut to allow livestock to move to safety. According to Julie Kokes, local cattlemen spent the March 7 ensuring a perimeter fence is in place, counting cattle, and moving injured cattle to a different area. Large animal veterinarians were in the area to provide care or humanely euthanize seriously injured animals. "These people are going to need help," said Kent Kokes, the past President of the Northeast Colorado Cattlemen's Association. "There was a lot of loss. Not only did people lose their homes, but ranchers have lost their livestock, infrastructures and equipment. There is so much dust and dirt in the area that plows are shoveling it off the roads like snow," Kokes continued....more

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