Monday, April 10, 2017

Experts warn 800 species, many endangered, affected by border wall

A study by Mexico’s top university has revealed that at least 800 species of wildlife will be adversely affected by President Trump’s planned 2,000-mile border wall with Mexico. Research published by ecologists from the Mexican National Autonomous University has shown that an impassable physical barrier placed into ecosystems inhabited by jaguars, black bears and bighorn sheep will so disrupt patterns of migration as to cause a “natural catastrophe.”...more 

“Wildlife has populated these regions for millions of years, and has always had freedom of movement to hunt, reproduce and migrate. To make these animals suffer as a result of man’s political agenda is entirely immoral.”

However, it is certainly possible the good professor is using these animals to further his own political agenda(s).

Of the 800 species that will be affected by President Trump’s border wall, 140 are in danger of extinction, including the bald eagle, grey wolf, armadillo and jaguar, a big cat of which remain only 10 in the highlands of the Sonora Desert that straddle Arizona. Those animals whose range will be halved by the border wall’s construction will be impeded in their ability to reproduce with other members of their species, thereby creating a shallower gene pool and heightening the chance of inbreeding.

How does a wall affect the movement of bald eagles? According to an article in High Country News there are 4,000 jaguars in Mexico, 120 of those in the Sonora area, and 99 percent of jaguar habitat is outside the U.S. If wolves were migrating north, why did they have to be "re"introduced here? Other than being the subject of some great country songs, the armadillo doesn't do much for us and seems to be thriving.

 “If the wall is being built to prevent illegal immigration from Mexico into the U.S., then there are more effective and less harmful ways of achieving this goal,” he said. “Aerial surveillance in areas known for their high density of illegal crossings can be simply achieved by placing thermal cameras on the top of high poles, and working to shorten Border Patrol response times,” he told Fox News. “You can also increase Border Patrol presence in areas where at the moment little exists, and all for a far lower price tag than a border wall, and with no damage to the local ecosystem.”

I have no quarrel with this. It's such a huge project the feds will surely mangle the construction of the wall and then bungle it's administration.


Anonymous said...

If all the "candy" on this side of the border was removed it would stop alot of illegal immigration. That being none of the following for illegals: welfare, health care, education, food stamps, HUD housing and etc. If citizenship or green cards were required for employment and there were not freebies then why would illegals want to come over. And the drug traffic could be stopped in all drug trackers and drug dealers received the death penalty. If anyone dared cross the border then send them to a hard labor camp. If all this was put in place then precious few would ever risk crossing the border. And we could save the cost of the wall.

Anonymous said...

The main hardship will fall on the two legged, thumb opposing ones, and there's no danger of extinction to that group.