Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Internal BLM Memo Leaked: Trump’s Plan to Make America Great by Expediting Oil, Gas Production, Increasing Border Security, and Creating Jobs

A Bureau of Land Management (BLM) internal working document that was leaked and reported on by the liberal Greenwire website spells out in detail President Donald Trump’s plan for making America great again. It lists expanding production of domestic energy resources, supporting law enforcement, the military, and enhancing border security. “Several conservation and government watchdog groups say they’re concerned about the direction the Bureau of Land Management is headed after a draft list of agency priorities under the Trump administration surfaced this week,” Greenwire’s E&E News reported on Monday. The document is divided into five sections — “Making America Safe through Energy Independence”; “Making America Great Through Shared Conservation Stewardship”; “Making America Safe – Restoring Our Sovereignty”; “Getting America Back to Work”; and “Serving the American Family.” E&E gathered statements from environmental activists in response to the leaked document, which it said “calls on the agency to streamline federal coal, hardrock mining, and oil and gas ‘leasing and permitting processes.’”...more

 Under the family section you will find: Streamline the grazing permit process and provide more flexibility to the American rancher

Below I've embedded the leaked work lisi, followed by the communication strategy.

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