Tuesday, April 18, 2017

video - Ranchers watch lone beaver herd curious cattle on Saskatchewan pasture

It's about as Canadian as a cattle drive can get. Ranchers northeast of Regina are shaking their heads after watching a herd of curious bovines slowly follow a beaver across one of their pastures.  Adrienne Ivey and her husband Aaron were out checking their 150 cattle near Ituna on Good Friday when they noticed something odd. The cattle were gathered together and walking slowly behind a beaver, with some of the heifers lowering their heads to get a closer look at the furry cowboy with a funny-looking tail. When the beaver stopped, the herd would stop, and then follow again when the rodent resumed its stroll. Ivey told radio station CJME that she and her husband are used to herding their cows with horses or quads, but nothing like this. She said young cattle are naturally curious, while the beaver seemed to ignore all the attention...more

Here's the video: 


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