Wednesday, April 12, 2017

video - Wyoming Prairie Dogs Should Fear the Vacuum

By Glenn Woods

...On Tuesday’s morning show on KGAB radio [4/11/2017] a caller let me know of something called a Prairie Dog Vacuum. A what? Prairie Ecosystem Conservation Alliance (PECA) swears by it. The system was built by Gay Balfour of Cortez, CO, using a modified sewer-clearing truck to generate suction through a long hose. This amazing modified machine whisks the little furry rodents through the rubber hose at an amazing 60 mph. Environmentalists were outraged when they first heard of the prairie dog vacuum but while getting sucked into a waiting truck might shock and confuse the little varmints, it does not seem to harm them, and they can be relocated. The company charges $1000 a day and can clear about 20 acres in a day or about 800 holes...more

 Here is the company video:

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