Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Dona Ana County - Please Vote Today!

Don't let the enviro/progressives take over our soil & water conservation district.

You can prevent their radical agenda, backed by Senator Martin Heinrich's robo calls, from determining our natural resource future and harming our ag producers and affiliated industries.


Below is my letter published in Sunday's Sun-News followed by a list of polling places.

 A recent column in the Sun-News (Vote for Fenske, Bixby in SWCD election) is highly critical of the board of the Dona Ana Soil & Water Conservation District (DASWCD) and in particular their chairman, Mr. Joe Delk. Apparently the board doesn’t understand what “true conservation” is and has spoken out against federal legislation and administrative actions that would harm our local community and have negative impacts on our farmers and ranchers.

To be straight forward, the issue isn’t about whether they spoke out. The issue is about what position they took. Where was the indignation when the City Council spoke out on federal land-use issues, or supposed concern when the County Commission did the same? Mr. Delk and his board are being criticized for doing just what other local elective bodies have done. Mr. Delk’s transgression is taking a pro-farmer, pro-rancher, pro-land owner, pro-flood control and pro-border security approach which runs counter to the likes of certain environmentalists.

The DASWCD, in fact, has been a leader in conservation practices and land-use planning issues under Delk’s leadership.

They are the first conservation district in New Mexico that has adopted a comprehensive land use plan that provides protection for the soil and water resources in our area.

They worked with the Dona Ana County Flood Commission and Elephant Butte Irrigation District to complete the Cothern Dam Flood Control Monitoring and Early Warning System. Sensors were installed on the dam face that transmit rising water levels to the DAC Flood Commission as part of an early warning system to provide alerts to residents below the dam.

Under the Restore New Mexico Program they have managed the West Potrillos Grassland Restoration project and are partnering with the Sierra district on another project. The two combined represent  39,000 acres of grassland being restored.

Those are just a few of the accomplishments of our local district.

There are those who seek to freeze us in time, restrict our access to public lands, limit our options, impede our progress and diminish our future.

On the other hand, there are folks like Joe Delk and Kent Thurston who are steeped in the conservation ethic of our valley, but are open to science-based technology and innovation to protect and restore our natural resources.

That’s why I recommend a vote for Joe Delk in zone 3 and Kent Thurston in zone 4. Let’s keep our county moving forward.

Frank DuBois served as the NM Secretary of Agriculture from 1988 to 2003

Scroll Down to find your nearest polling location  in Anthony, Chaparral, Las Cruces or Mesquite:


Anthony Municipal Complex
820 Highway 478

Betty McKnight Community Center
190 South County Line

Dona Ana County Government Center
845 North Motel Blvd. 

Good Samaritan Las Cruces Village Social Center
3011 Buena Vida Circle LC 

Sage Brush Community Center
6121 Reynolds Drive


Del Cerro Community Center
180 La Fe Avenue

Polling Locations for Tuesday, May 2nd election.  Polls are open 7 AM until 7 PM.

THURSTON'S Zone is basically the City of Las Cruces
DELK'S Zone is the rest of Dona Ana County that is south of HWY 70 and east of HWY 478, all the way to the state line.

If you live in those areas, Please Vote. And if you don't live in one of those areas I'll bet you know folks who do. Call them and encourage them to vote for Thurston or Delk.


Hemingway said...
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Hemingway said...

Thurston is a land developer and should NOT be elected to this important position since he knows ANSOLUTELY NOTHING about land use, watersheds, etc.

Anonymous said...

"Con"servation easements can be traded for development. Since the onset of environmental groups like 'soil not oil', there seems to have been more soil that is covered with oil laden asphault and roof tops

Anonymous said...

--- also, since when did the Calif. Sierras, of the Sierra Club, in end up in New Mexico? My other comment on today's post of "federal policies on rural issues" addresses CA enviro influence