Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Farm groups denounce Trump budget

Here goes our rural brethren, decrying the budget cuts.

American Farm Bureau Federation

 "It would gut federal crop insurance, one of the nation's most important farm safety-net programs," Duvall said. "It would drastically reshape important voluntary conservation programs and negatively impact consumer confidence in critical meat and poultry inspection." "This proposal would hamper the viability of plant and animal security programs at our borders and undermine the nation's grain quality and market information systems. It would stunt rural America's economic growth by eliminating important utility programs and other rural development programs.
"Clearly, this budget fails agriculture and rural America."

According to the AFBF, the budget, "guts',"negatively impact", "hamper", "undermine", "stunt" and "fails". 

National Farmers Union

"The president's proposed budget is an assault on the programs and personnel that provide vital services, research, and a safety net to America's family farmers, rural residents and consumers," said Roger Johnson, president of the Democratic-leaning National Farmers Union. "It is deeply disappointing that the president would propose such cuts, especially in the midst of a farm crisis that has family farmers and ranchers enduring a drastic, four-year slide in farm prices and a 50 percent drop in net farm income."

I was wrong in my prediction. The NFU statement is moderate compared to that of the allegedly more conservative AFBF.

 American Soybean Association

"By shredding our farm safety net, slashing critical agricultural research and conservation initiatives, and hobbling our access to foreign markets, this budget is a blueprint for how to make already difficult times in rural America even worse," said Ron Moore, American Soybean Association president and a soybean farmer from Roseville, Ill. 

And on and on it goes. You can read them all by going here.


Anonymous said... NCBA,CCA? There must be a tear stained page 2 somewhere....soapweed

Frank DuBois said...

Nothing on the NCBA or PLC website before I posted this. Checked again this a.m., still nothing.