Friday, May 05, 2017

New Mexico monument makes worst destinations list

With a natural wonder, stunning red-rock formations and an array of climates from deserts to pine forests, can Arizona possibly be home to one of the most disappointing travel destinations on Earth? Yeah, if it's the Four Corners Monument. Arizona actually has just a 25 percent share in this particular tourism disappointment. The Active Times, a website devoted to health, fitness and travel, says of the spot where four states come together, "what’s the point of going all the way out there, in the middle of a desert with nothing else to do …" To be fair, that summation isn't far off. Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico mesh along a concrete slab, and only a surveyor would be awed by the official U.S. Department of the Interior marker indicating where the four states touch. We also mentioned Four Corners in the 5 Arizona experiences best avoided. We said the monument "sits in a flat, barren landscape devoid of everything, as if nature threw up its hands and said, 'I got nothing.'”...more

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Eddy County Extension said...

If I recall a few years ago someone with a GPS found out it is actually in the wrong place, but it is on the Navajo reservation and they did not want to move it.