Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Poll: Two of Three Voters Say Establishment Media Includes Much ‘Fake News’

The most trusting supporters of the establishment media were found among Hillary Clinton’s voters, where only 42 percent said the media contains much fake news. Fifty-eight percent of her voters disagreed with the statement that “there is a lot of fake news in the mainstream media.” One-sixth of Clinton’s voters, or 14 percent, strongly disagreed that the statement that the establishment media includes a lot of fake news. Eighty-five percent of Donald Trump’s voters believe “there is a lot of fake news in the mainstream media,” according to the poll of the 2,006 registered voters. Overall, Trump’s voters split 85 percent to 15 percent in agreement, while Clinton’s voters split 58 percent agree to 42 percent disagree. That adds up to a 64-point gap between the two camps about the scale of fake news in the establishment media. The poll also reported that independents split 60 percent in agreement to 40 percent disagreement, putting them much closer to Trump’s voters than to Clinton’s voters. The survey of 2,006 registered voters was conducted online between May 18 to May 20 by the Harris Poll. Amid the disagreement over fake news, the survey also showed much agreement between Trump and Clinton voters in some areas...more

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