Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rangers Overwhelmed by Trashed Out Campsites

The U.S. Forest Service says it's getting photos of public campsites littered with trash right before Memorial weekend, an unofficial start to camping season. "We've heard from multiple people that there are places in the forest that don't feel safe anymore or it's not desirable to go there anymore," Chamise Kramer said. "...Because of the level of mess, broken glass, evidence of drug use." Kramer said the campgrounds that seem to need the most cleaning are free to the public, and further south from the lake, like the Cook and Green Campground. As the weather heats up, rangers have noticed more people further back along the Applegate river, and noticed larger messes left behind. "Year after year, it feels like it's getting consistently worse, there's just more trash being left behind" Former Forest Ranger Dylan Goldey said. A few people have taken it upon themselves to volunteer help and get some of those public lands cleared, but the forest service advises against that. "We really appreciate the help, but we don't want people getting hurt by needles or anything else they might find. Telling us where the problem is will be very helpful."  link

They can't, or won't, take care of it themselves and they advise against volunteers taking it upon themselves. So the camps remained trashed out. And yet, if you mention transferring these lands to the state, all of a sudden they become "our national treasures", or "crowned jewels" or part of our "national heritage". 

And by the way, we in the border states have federal lands that look the same. Only they are being trashed out by the cartels and their smuggling of human cargo and drugs.

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