Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The US Military Has A Whole List Of EPA Rules It Wants To Get Rid Of

The Pentagon wants the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to repeal, modify or clarify nearly two dozen regulations that create extra layers of red tape and compliance for military operations.
EPA has been accepting public comments since April on which regulations should be rescinded or modified. The Department of Defense was quick to submit a draft memo to EPA in April detailing 22 regulations they want to see repealed or change. In one instance, the Pentagon asked the EPA to modify a regulation on hazardous emissions from internal combustion engines. That rule requires military maintenance crews to change engine oil and filters every 500 hours of use a year, which applies to all sorts of equipment, from tractors to bulldozers to lawnmowers. The Pentagon also wants EPA to repeal all agency guidances that did not go through the rulemaking process. The Pentagon noted how EPA has used guidances to circumvent the traditional rulemaking process, which violates federal law. “EPA cannot rely on policy and guidance as if it carries the weight of law, unless the policy/guidance has properly undergone an Administrative Procedures Act-approved rulemaking process,” the Pentagon wrote...more

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