Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Want a job with the Border Patrol? Go to the rodeo!

by Jazz Shaw

Why is the Border Patrol showing up at county fairs, country music festivals and rodeos lately? For recruiting purposes of course. They have a lot of jobs to fill – numbering in the thousands – and this is considered prime territory for locating folks interested in this rather unique career path who might be available. But seriously… the rodeo? They’re claiming that it works for them. (Associated Press)
The presence of border agents and customs officers at the country festival is part of an aggressive recruitment effort to seek out prospective employees. Customs and Border Protection has been showing up at bull-riding competitions, Big 10 and Big 12 sports tournaments, job fairs and country music fests like the one last month in Florence, southeast of Phoenix.
“We do recruiting at pretty much anywhere we have an opportunity to show up. It could be something as small as a community event at a local park,” said Border Patrol spokesman Vicente Paco, who handed out brochures to festivalgoers.


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