Monday, May 15, 2017

Zinke is promoting true conservation at Department of Interior

It’s a new era at the Department of Interior thanks to Secretary Ryan Zinke’s leadership. Zinke, who started his first day on the job on horseback flanked by U.S. Park Police, is the first Montanan to lead the agency. His reverence for angling, hunting, and the outdoors means that he is promoting true conservation in his new post instead of preservation. Conservation is seen as the proper use of nature, while preservation aims to protect nature from any use. The latter philosophy has prevented Americans from fully enjoying opportunities in nature. True conservation entails protecting America’s waterways and wildlife without denying opportunities to explore them or safely develop nearby. How can Americans be good stewards of the environment if they are prevented from accessing it or working to make it better for their livelihoods? Secretary Zinke hopes to fill this void created by his predecessors. Thus far, Zinke’s leadership has resulted in the enactment of numerous conservation policies. For example, he signed two secretarial orders to undue missteps like the reversal of Order 219, a U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service decree that banned lead tackle and ammunition on USFWS-protected lands. As a result of his efforts, over 100 outdoor industry leaders across fishing, shooting sports, hunting, archery, camping, marine, motorcycle, powersports, hospitality and recreation vehicle sectors have praised him for keeping the “great” in the Great Outdoors. “In his first 100 days in office, President Donald Trump is setting an agenda to emphasize and prioritize outdoor recreation on federal lands, highlighted by selecting ... Zinke as secretary to lead the Department of the Interior,” the letter said. “Secretary Zinke, a strong supporter of the $887 billion outdoor recreation industry, is working closely with the Outdoor Recreation Industry Roundtable to increase access to recreational opportunities and enjoyment on all federal lands and waters.”...more

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