Friday, June 09, 2017

California Says Trump Can’t Legally Touch Its National Monuments

Despite President Donald Trump’s executive order calling for a full review of all national monuments created since 1996, California is arguing that his administration doesn’t have the right to target six tributes in the Golden State. In an 11-page letter sent to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on Thursday, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra argued that while presidents have the power to create monuments, it does not give Trump, or any other commander in chief, the authority to eliminate or shrink them. “I am determined to take any and all action necessary to protect the American heritage we respect and cherish in our monument lands,” Becerra wrote on Medium on Thursday. “Because right now, six of California’s national monuments could be on the chopping block.” The Los Angeles Times reported that all six of the California monuments that are expected to face review under the executive order were given their designation by former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama under the Antiquities Act of 1906. The monuments were also almost universally supported throughout the state...more\

Here is the letter

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