Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cattle Fever Tick Draining Ranchers' Profits

Local ranchers said the cattle fever tick continues to drain their profits. Many said they’re having a tough time finding the resources to fight the pest as summer gets closer. CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke with Danny Davis, a cattle rancher in Cameron County. He said the costs of keeping cattle clean are forcing small ranchers to get out of business. "Everybody that's been around me, that's gotten the fever tick, they are out of business. They're completely out of business," he said. Davis said the biggest issue isn't just the tick. He said it's the costs to follow regulations when under quarantine. "I’ve spent about $20,000 to $30,000,” he said On top of treatment, Davis said he had to build new facilities, which can not only round up all of his cattle, but help administer the spray. But the costs don't end there. Davis said every time the cattle are sprayed for the tick, they are marked with yellow paint and it's the mark which makes it difficult to sell. "Of a high and a low at a sell yard, your cows are going to get the low end of the price," he said. Recently, Davis said he tried selling some of his cattle but was only getting offered half the price...more

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