Thursday, June 15, 2017

Drowning fears up in West as rivers surge with snowmelt

Massive waterfalls in Yosemite National Park and rivers raging in mountains throughout the western United States are thundering with greater force than they have for years — and proving deadly as warm weather melts the deepest mountain snowpack in recent memory. Record snowfall on towering Western peaks this winter virtually eliminated California’s five-year drought, and it is now melting rapidly. But it has contributed to at least 14 river deaths and prompted officials to close sections of rivers popular with swimmers, rafters and fishing enthusiasts. In Utah and Wyoming, some rivers gorged by heavy winter snowfall have overflowed their banks and rivers in Utah are expected to remain dangerously swollen with icy mountain runoff for several more weeks. The sheer beauty of the rivers is their draw — and represents a big danger to people who decide to risk selfies near the water or beat the heat by swimming or rafting with little awareness of the risks posed by the raging water...more

 I'm shocked. A 700+ word article on raging rivers, dangerously swollen, that are thundering with great force, causing at least 14 river deaths---and global warming isn't mentioned once.

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